How To Get Turkish Citizenship?

What is Turkish Citizenship?

Receiving Turkish citizenship means that a foreigner who is not affiliated with any place and person within the borders of the Republic of Turkey becomes a citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

Acquisition Of Turkish Citizenship

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship with the Decision of the Competent Authority

A person wishing to acquire Turkish citizenship may acquire Turkish citizenship with the decision of the competent authority if he/she fulfills the conditions specified in the law, but fulfilling these conditions does not give an absolute right to the person to acquire citizenship.

  • If the person is not registered to his/her own national law or the citizenship of any country, he/she must have the power to distinguish himself/herself according to the Turkish Civil Code numbered 4721.
  • He/she should confirm with his/her behaviors that he/she has decided to settle in Turkey. (Such as buying a house in Turkey, investing, establishing a business, transferring trade and business center to Turkey, working in a workplace with a work permit.)
  • He must have good morals.
  • He should be able to speak enough Turkish.
  • In Turkey, he/she should have an income and profession to provide for himself/herself and his/her dependents.
  • The person must reside in Turkey for five consecutive years. A foreigner requesting to acquire our citizenship may reside outside Turkey for a total period of 12 months during the residence period sought for the application. The periods spent outside Turkey are evaluated during their residence periods.
  • A foreigner applying for Turkish citizenship may be out of Turkey or may make a deduction in his/her residence for a total period of 6 months within the requested period of residence. Periods spent outside Turkey/periods of deduction are evaluated within the period of residence. In addition, the purpose of granting the residence permit is also important.
  • Citizenship requests of foreigners who are in our country for tourism purposes and foreigners who stay for educational purposes are not received. These criteria are determined by the General Directorate of Population and followed by the General Directorate of Population.
  • The person must be married to a citizen of the Republic of Turkey and this marriage must have lasted at least three years.
  • The person should not pose any danger to the security and public peace of the country.
  • A reasoned offer should be made by the relevant ministries that support the supply of industrial facilities to Turkey or that provide great service in economic, social, sportive, cultural, scientific, technological, artistic fields or that evoke the belief that they can provide them.
  • They must have a residence permit in accordance with the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458.
  • Having a Turquoise Card makes it easier for them and their foreign family members to obtain citizenship.
  • There should not be any situation that may pose a danger to the country in terms of national security.
  • One should not have a disease that puts public health at risk.
  • It should have sufficient financial income to stay in Turkey.

Acquisition Of Turkish Citizenship By Birth

It is acquired spontaneously on the basis of pedigree or birthplace. This citizenship acquired by birth is valid from the moment of birth.

Citizenship Acquired on the Basis of Family Ties

Citizenship acquired through family ties refers to the acquisition of the citizenship of the mother or father who is a Turkish citizen to whom the child is affiliated with the family ties at the time of birth.

In order to acquire Turkish citizenship through family ties, it is sufficient for only one of the parents to be a Turkish citizen at the time of birth. The fact that the other parent is a foreign state citizen does not prevent the acquisition of Turkish citizenship.

   When you become a Turkish citizen with the decision of the competent authority, there is no change in the citizenship status of your spouse. One of the parents acquires Turkish citizenship with the consent of the other spouse. If the other parent does not consent, the parents are processed according to the decision of the judge at the place of residence. The children of the parents who received Turkish citizenship together will also receive citizenship. If the children of the parents who are not treated together with them apply for Turkish citizenship after they become adults, the provisions of the article regarding the general acquisition of Turkish citizenship shall apply.

  A child born to a Turkish citizen mother and father within the marriage union, regardless of being within or outside the borders of Turkey, is accepted as a Turkish citizen. A child born from a

  Turkish citizen mother and foreign father outside the marriage union is accepted as a Turkish citizen.

  A child born to a Turkish citizen father and born to a foreign mother outside the marriage union within or outside the borders of Turkey shall have Turkish citizenship as of birth if he/she is bound to the Turkish citizen father by blood ties in accordance with the provisions of the Law on International Private Law and Procedural Law No. 5718.

  A child who is born in Turkey and cannot have the citizenship of any country due to his/her foreign parents is accepted as a Turkish citizen from birth. A child who has been in Turkey is considered to have been born in Turkey unless the opposite is fixed.

Notifications from Abroad Regarding Childbirth After Completing the Age of Eighteen

It is possible to register the persons living abroad and whose birth has not been notified although they have completed the age of eighteen in the family register, if it is determined as a result of the examination to be made by the Ministry that they have acquired Turkish citizenship due to the mother or father who is a Turkish citizen.  

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship on the Basis of Place of Birth

A child who is born in Turkey and cannot obtain the citizenship of any state due to reasons such as the fact that his/her parents are not known or are stateless or do not have the right to citizenship in accordance with national laws, receives Turkish citizenship from birth.

A child who has been in Turkey is considered to have been born in Turkey if the place of birth outside Turkey is not clear. Children who are unable to express themselves due to their underage age are registered in the population registers of the place where they are located based on the minutes of law enforcement officers or relevant institutions showing this situation or the declaration of the relevant persons.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship through Adoption

Adopted by a Turkish citizen, an adult foreigner may acquire Turkish citizenship provided that it does not constitute an obstacle in terms of national security and public order.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Real Estate Investment

The Republic of Turkey has made some regulations regarding the transfer of foreign nationals to Turkish citizenship. The decisions taken were published in the Official Gazette of Turkey in 2018.

Foreign investors will be able to acquire Turkish citizenship directly when they purchase real estate worth at least $250,000 in Turkey and undertake to purchase real estate worth $250,000 from the notary public. It has become very easy to acquire Turkish citizenship with the right guidance of legal support and reliable experts.

TRNC Citizens’ Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

Persons who are citizens of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus at birth and want to acquire Turkish citizenship, if they declare in writing that they want to become Turkish citizens, they acquire Turkish citizenship by the decision of the Ministry.

He is a citizen of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and the acquisition of Turkish citizenship does not apply to his spouse. The provisions of the article shall apply.

Regarding the foreigners who later gained the citizenship of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in accordance with Article 11 of the Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901, The provisions of Article 1 shall apply.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship with the Right to Election

Persons who have lost their Turkish citizenship by obtaining an exit permit and who have lost our citizenship due to their parents and who have made a written notification in order to obtain Turkish citizenship within three years from their adulthood may acquire Turkish citizenship by exercising their right to vote.

The loss of Turkish citizenship with the right to vote shall take effect from the date of the Ministry’s decision regarding the determination of the existence of the conditions for the exercise of this right.

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