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Avsallar is a holiday resort in the Alanya district of Antalya. This town is approximately 105 km from Antalya city center and approximately 25 km from Alanya town centre. There are many places to visit and see in this town. Especially the sea is quite clean. Avsallar, like other resorts of Alanya, is located on the coastline where lush forests embrace the sea. This charming town, where you go to enjoy the sea, will be good for your health with its clean air.

Avsallar, which hosts tens of thousands of local and foreign tourists every year with its world-famous fine sandy beach and clean sea, increases its bed capacity, which is currently 20,000, every year. In addition, the Forest Camp in the town offers an alternative holiday opportunity. The main source of income is tourism, and orange, tangerine, lemon and banana are produced in the town. The average temperature of the town in summer is 27 degrees. This ensures that those who are overwhelmed by humidity and heat prefer Avsallar.

Real estate: Avsallar residents value the perfect blend of forest, sea, and the cleanest beaches above all else. Both historic building villas and new modern complexes with extensive recreational amenities make up the real estate.

The proximity of Avsallar to the center of Alanya also allows you to commute to Alanya whenever you want. Taking a tour that includes the historical riches around the Antalya – Alanya road can add a different meaning to your life. Avsallar, with its plain and natural beauties, makes most people who come for touristic purposes think of buying real estate. Low prices and proximity to the center are the biggest reasons.

Incekum Beach

It is a very special sandy beach in Alanya’s Avsallar Town. It is a very popular beach because of its fine yellow sand and late deepening sea. The fact that the sand is completely fine when entering the sea and after entering the sea gives a different pleasure to those who come to swim. Incekum Beach has free parking, paid sun loungers and umbrellas, and a free public beach section. There is a food and beverage section, shower, changing cabin and toilet on the beach. Incekum Beach is located on the 26th kilometer of the Antalya-Alanya highway. The most important thing that makes this place indispensable is its silky and golden beaches. The most famous beach here is “İncekum”. Fugla Beach, the continuation of Incekum, has the same feature. Incekum coast, west of Avsallar; Fugla Beach is located in the east.

Avsallar Beach

It is three kilometers long between Incekum Cape and Fugla Bay. The beach is sandy. Restaurants and cafeterias are lined up along the coast. The cliffs at the end of the bay are a beautiful diving centre.

Dim Stream

Located within the borders of Alanya district of Antalya, 6 kilometers from the center. You can have the opportunity to swim in artificial pools made by using the water flowing from the tea. There are also businesses that provide the opportunity to slide into the pool. You can do rafting on the upper part of the dam of Dim Stream, participate in a mountain bike event or organize an event with your loved ones.

Alanya Alara Stream

Born at the foot of the mountains in Köprülü town of Gündoğmuş district of Antalya, Alara Stream flows into the sea near Boztepe village in Okurcalar town of Alanya. The river is 82 km long. It is born around 2647 meters high Kuşak Mountain and Akdağ located on the Central Taurus Mountains.

            Avsallar is a complete collection of natural beauties. Information about why you should own real estate in Avsallar has been given above. A life in touch with nature is possible at much lower prices compared to Antalya and Alanya. Being a living and developing district, you can be sure that the money you invest will increase exponentially while living a peaceful life at the same time.

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