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Demirtaş is a town in the Alanya district of Antalya province, 25 km from Alanya and 3 km inland of the D-400 highway. Demirtaş’s old name is Sedre. The name Sedre comes from the Syedra Castle. There are 1 high school, 2 secondary schools and 5 primary schools in the town. Its population is over 3000. The most known natural beauty is Tokar Plateau.

Tokar Plateau, located 40 kilometers from Alanya and north of Demirtaş township, is mainly known for the Tokar Plateau Festivals, which have been held as a tradition for about 16-17 years. Tokar, which is a very beautiful plateau with its nature and nature, becomes one of the frequent destinations of transhumants, campers and nature lovers in the summer months.

Covered with orchards, wildflowers and mountain meadows, Tokar Plateau is a great option for camping, hiking and mountain biking. In addition, the joy of having a picnic with barbecue and barbecue in Tokar cannot be explained, it is lived.

Syedra Castle

The ancient city of Syedra was established on the hill above Seki Village on the Alanya Gazipaşa road. This location has increased the importance of the city as it is the western border of the Cilician Region. Syedra Anti-City is located on the upper part of Seki Village of Demirtaş, 22 km from Alanya town centre. Seki Village is on the Alanya Gazipaşa road.

Cave of the Dwarves

It is a small cave located within the borders of Demirtaş District of Alanya. It stays on the Sapadere Canyon road and in the lush forest. Rumor has it that it took its name from a dwarf who hid here because of violence from his family.

Demirtas Beach

It is a beach and conglomerate stretching as far as the eye can see. Food and drink is easy and usually the natural beach. The sea is clean and the oxygen level of the air is quite high. It is the perfect choice for watching the sunset. The sea is sometimes wavy. It is one of the most beautiful combinations of blue and green.

Sapadere Canyon

Sapadere Canyon is 45 km away from the city center and takes around 59 minutes to reach. Sapadere Canyon has ponds and views as impressive and beautiful as the canyon itself. Sapadere. While going to the Canyon, you will feel like you are traveling the Taurus Mountains in your heart. Demirtaş town is 15 km from the canyon.

With its historical infrastructure, it is a developing town like the other towns of Alanya. Demirtas document, which combines naturalness with history and also contains many legends and mythological elements, has recently been important for the real estate and real estate market. Those who want to live a quiet and peaceful life and live in luxury at the same time prefer Demirtas quite often.

Thanks to the high advantage of the stock exchange rate, Demirtas, which has a low investment but a very high return despite being a growing and developing town, has a wide range of real estate, not only housing but also lands put up for sale by the state.

When evaluated in every sense in today’s conditions, the pearl of Turkey is the Mediterranean Region. Demirtas is a living and livable town in this region. Transportation facilities are slightly more developed than other towns. In this way, investors who own real estate will have no difficulty in reaching the center of the city.

The current development examples are as follows: Demirtas Cultural Center, new main and side roads, constantly renewed restoration works (example: hunting lodge), increase in the number of wedding halls, bridge repair and construction works.

Demirtaş area is located a little far from Alanya center and due to its proximity to Gazipaşa International Airport, it has a low growth potential. The sea here is pure, fresh mountain air, and you can get the freshest fruits and veggies from the garden at the local market, thanks to the minimal stream of tourists and low population density on the region’s shore. All of this appeals to lovers of peace and environment. The region is rapidly growing and developing, with new residential buildings and urban infrastructure being constructed.

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