Property for Sale in Mahmutlar

Mahmutlar is a neighborhood in the Alanya district of Antalya province. It is located near Mahmutlar’s town limits, on a level plain to the town’s northeast, on the top and slopes of the hill, and is surrounded by walls. The ruins consist of spaces built using rubble and mortar. All of the structures date back to the Byzantine era. There are also two churches. Located 150 km from Antalya and 8 km from Alanya, Mahmutlar is the first town municipality of Alanya. There are Leartes Ancient City and Naula Ancient City within the borders of the town.

Mahmutlar is a small town with a large number of opportunities due to its modern structure. There are numerous markets, cafes, restaurants, pubs, and retail outlets. It is a place where important services such as internet, telephone, electricity, water can be obtained without any problems. It offers the opportunity to buy fresh fruits and veggies are available at several supermarkets, as well as clothes stores and the Mahmutlar market, which occupies a prominent position in Turkish culture, which is established every week.

There are restaurants where you may sample Turkish dishes as well as cuisines from around the world. There are numerous cafes and patisseries where you can sample hot beverages like as tea, Turkish coffee, or light refreshments such as freshly prepared lemonade.

In Mahmutlar neighborhood, every street connects to the sea, making it a tranquil and peaceful living space. Since Alanya is located close to the center, the real estate prices are not as high as the center, but there are magnificent houses with a view of the sea and near to the beach It is the most popular area for individuals looking to buy a home in Alanya. The Mahmutlar area is growing and attracting people’s attention who want a new life in a small seaside town.

In addition to the there are several forms of housing in this location, including high-rise housing where residences are located, where there are also private villas with pools such as Dublex and Triplex, and you can have a very different style of life. If you want a pleasant and peaceful in a little beach town, this is the place to be. Mahmutlar is a place where you can find suitable chances for people of all budgets.

Since this region is developing very fast, it also provides excellent investment options for those who wish to do so. Real estate purchased in the correct way and at the appropriate moment can easily profit its investors by increasing in value very short time.

By buying a house in Mahmutlar, you can have both a pleasant life and a good investment. Mahmutlar, as a seaside town located within the beauties of Alanya, embodies all the beauties of the Mediterranean and offers a peaceful living space. It is growing more and more each year, and has become a popular tourist destination of many investors and tourists.

Mahmutlar is a region that continues to develop, with special attention paid to preserving its natural and historical splendors. It is an obvious fact to own real estate in Mahmutlar with its proximity to the sea and being intertwined with natüre. Housing prices for sale in Mahmutlar have increased by 21.16% in the last month. The average residential square meter prices in Mahmutlar district are 9,841 TL, while the payback period is calculated as 23 years.

Accordingly, in the real estate index and regional report of 2022, the average price of a 100 square meter house purchased in Mahmutlar district was between 738,100 TL and 1,230,200 TL.

In addition to the natural beauties it has, the development of a place under the name of the town is sufficient reasons to buy a property from Mahmutlar. Although it is a small place, all types of housing are available. Thanks to its natural beauties and constantly developing infrastructure, it is the pearl of the future. In this way, it continues to grow, develop and leave its mark on the real estate sector day by day.

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