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Turkey's rapid macroeconomic development has an impact on the real estate market, particularly the housing system. Because the real estate sector is so significant for investment purposes, it is particularly appealing to investors regardless of the business cycle. Due to the rapid development of the population, the demand for residential homes is always increasing. In this situation, the real estate industry faces both challenges and opportunities. Among the other issues, financing the housing system is the most pressing. Turkey needs to pass a mortgage law in order to solve its finance problems. Turkey offers high potential for first-time or upcoming buyers from many different nationalities. So why invest in the Turkish real estate market?

Reasonable Real Estate Prices

The farther you get from Turkey's most vibrant city, the cheaper the prices. Turkey, which offers the potential to make profitable investments in the long term, is now an ideal time to buy real estate as the Turkish lira lost more value for money with the advantageous exchange rate of foreign currencies.

High investment potential

The main reasons for the increased interest are low costs, expanding projects, and a steady tourism sector are all advantages.

Turkey has a secure investment market that complies with international standards and provides equal service to all investors. In this system, where the priority is to protect the interests of investors, Turkey has made several changes to encourage foreign investment.

Easy purchasing processes

Before, buying a property in Turkey was waiting for title deeds is a protracted procedure. However, the process can be completed in less than a week, as the Turkish Government has made the process much easier.

Wide portfolio range

In the last 10 years, the Turkish real estate market has greatly expanded its portfolio of studios, apartments and villas. There are unlimited options for those looking for a second hand, project or new construction home. The diversity continues, from coastal towns to houses in the city centre.

Advantageous payment terms

The Turkish real estate sector is investor-friendly as it offers a wide range of real estate suitable for every budget with easy payment terms. You can consider buying a property in Turkey for a profitable investment with affordable prices.

Low cost of living

Wherever you are considering buying property in the world, cost of living is an important factor in helping you decide. Considering the living conditions in Turkey, those who see that it is possible to reach high living standards at affordable prices may be surprised.

Intensity of interests and activities

One of the relatively less mentioned but still important reasons to buy a property in Turkey is interests and activities to do. While all residents in major cities have access to culture and arts scenes, living by the sea in seaside resorts in the Aegean and Mediterranean has great benefits, as much of daily life takes place outdoors.

Ski resorts scattered all over the country and some regions such as Belek in Antalya have gained a reputation as a hot golf destination. Finally, it is necessary to consider the favorable climate of the country for summer evenings for outdoor dining and for days spent by the pool.

Easy access

Turkey, with its unique geographical location in Asia and Europe, attracts the attention of foreign investors, especially since it offers easy access to their own countries. In addition, Turkey has a wide transportation network that offers various ways of comfortable and low-cost travel such as airlines and ships.

The Government of Turkey has invested in airports in the country, enabling airlines such as Turkish Airlines to offer frequent flyer programs all year round. There are ferry services to all Greek Islands during the summer months. Turkey has also invested in the improvement of its highways to make road transport faster than ever before.

These regulations are very important for investors who want to buy property in another country. It facilitates the purchase of property for investors by providing great comfort both in domestic and international travels. If you have a problem with your property, you can easily reach your property and take a quick trip to Turkey without wasting too much time on the road.

It is very easy to obtain a residence permit for foreigners who Buy a House in Turkey

Foreigners who have bought a residence in Turkey can obtain a residence permit, provided that it is extended at certain periods, they also have the right to obtain a residence permit within their families. With this residence permit, the children of foreigners can study in Turkey. It is easier for foreigners with a residence permit to find a job, it is easier to get a work permit within companies.

Citizenship door open to foreigners who Buy a Property in Turkey

Citizenship for those who buy a house is for foreigners who will buy real estate for at least 400 thousand dollars in Turkey. The foreigner himself and his family will have the right to Turkish citizenship within six months. In other words, by purchasing a house in Turkey, you will be both a profitable investment and a Turkish citizen.

Legal infrastructure

Turkey is a state of law, which is governed by a full democracy and where all transactions of all units of the administration are open to judicial review. The judicial system also creates a strong assurance that works fairly, has effective inspection and appeal opportunities, and recognizes AHIM and similar international judicial institutions in line with international conventions. In an investment to be made in Turkey, it is out of question to be victimized by the arbitrary behavior of the administration or the judiciary.

As a result, Turkey is one of the most sensible investment countries in the world for investment. Investors who want to double their investment with all the advantages it has can trust the real estate sector. Turkey, which is constantly developing and strengthening its technological infrastructure, continues to take firm steps in the safe and quality real estate sector day by day.

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