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Alanya, with its history, natural beauty, streets, and beaches, is the leading light of the Mediterranean. The city is a magnificent living space set between the turquoise Mediterranean and the lush Taurus mountains. It is 135 kilometers from Antalya's city center and 800 kilometers from Istanbul. The main economic resource of the Alanya region is tourism. In 2018, it hosted one out of every ten tourists who visited our country, with 4 million visitors. The most popular beach is Cleopatra beach. Besides tourism, agriculture and construction sector have been the other main locomotives in Alanya. With the increasing domestic and recent foreign migration, its population has risen to 318000 and this has revealed the need for real estate for Alanya.

Alanya alone constitutes 20% of the foreign real estate market in Turkey. On the other hand, Antalya, the district where Alanya is connected, has increased by 20.75% in the last month in the housing market for sale. While the average residential square meter prices in Antalya are 6,941 TL, the payback period is calculated as 19 years. Accordingly, in the real estate index and regional report of 2022, the average price of a 100 square meter house purchased in Antalya was between 520,584 TL and 867,600 TL.

5 Reasons to Buy Real Estate in Alanya

Lifestyle comfortable and easy:

Alanya is a typical, idyllic dream of what the Mediterranean lifestyle is like. Alanya evokes mild winters and cool summers. This climate is comforting enough to defy the best in the world. It provides the perfect setting for outdoor dining combined with the magnificent sunset.

Transport infrastructure:

Visitors to Alanya use Antalya or Gazipaşa Airports, both of which are state-of-the-art, modern and efficient transportation hubs.

Cheap ticket prices are accompanied by drinks, free wi-fi and comfortable seating that hosts many foreigners. Foreigners find transportation more impressive than their counterparts in their own country.

Drivers who choose the road take advantage of the great views of the D400 coastal road, so car rental also becomes an attractive option.

Cheap Real Estate Prices, Long Term Investments

Many global financial experts say that real estate is the best investment for the long term because of the low risks.

Prices of apartments in Alanya start from about 50 thousand Euros for 2 bedrooms. Some are close to the beach, so you can enjoy stunning sea views as well as the latest in decor and design.

The perfect luxury life:

You might think cheap apartments are the primary trend in the real estate market, but Alanya also attracts wealthy people looking for luxury homes in the Kargicak District, where architects showcase the most up-to-date architectural styles from throughout the World.

The luxury theme continues its daily life, from boutiques to high-end branded shops in Antalya city center, which is a 2-hour drive away.

Restaurant menus in Alanya showcase excellent food and Alanya is part of the Turkish Riviera, naturally wealthy boat owners often dock their boats at the marina and enjoy the ultimate in life.

Traditional culture mixes with modern trends:

While Alanya has evolved and embraced current trends, it has done an excellent job on its culture and any traveler or potential immigrant seeking peace in this paradise will find it quickly.

Besides all the advantages it has, the biggest advantage of Alanya is; real estate liquidity. If you want your real estate to return to you as a profit without losing its value, you can trust the active real estate sector in Alanya. One of the most important advantages of Alanya is that it is very popular not only with domestic buyers, but also with foreign buyers from all over the world. Many people have good reasons to live and buy a house in Alanya. It seems that Turkey, which has the world's 18th largest economy and its growing economy, will continue to create new opportunities, add value for investors and increase its value in the future with mega projects and sector dynamics in the real estate sector. Alanya is a great choice for real estate and real estate preference in order not to wait any longer for quality lives in quality places. In this way, you can enjoy every moment of life.

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