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Antalya, which is on Turkey's Mediterranean coast, this region has a thriving tourism industry, is called Turkey's banana and orange garden and is located on the Mediterranean coast. It is surrounded on three sides by high mountains. It is one of the richest cities with its beautiful climate, fertile lands, forest richness, beauty of the beaches and historical places. It is literally the tourism capital of Turkey.

There are many ancient cities in and around Antalya. Aspendos, Perge and Side on the way to Antalya are some of them. Apart from these historical places, Antalya is also known for its coast and beaches. The beaches of Konyaalt, Karpuzkaldran, and Lara are well-known. Antalya is also known as the Waterfall City. Thousands of local and international tourists go to the Düden, Manavgat, and Kurşunlu Waterfalls. Beydağları and Saklıkent, where plateau and winter sports are held, are the natural beauties of the city.

Antalya has a large number of walls, churches, mosques, madrasas, masjids, inns and baths. The marina (Marina), which is surrounded and embraced by Kaleiçi walls, is the oldest settlement in the city. Kaleiçi, which is the symbol of Antalya, has Yivli Minaret, Kesik Minare Clock Tower and historical houses. The first striking features of traditional Turkish architecture, of which you can see the most beautiful examples in Antalya Kaleiçi, is that they are in harmony with nature. All of these places are within walking distance. When all these factors are gathered under one roof, Antalya is a great blessing for the real estate market.

According to the latest evaluations, the housing prices for sale in Antalya have increased by 20.75% in the last month. In Antalya, the average residential square meter price is 6,941 TL, the payback period is calculated as 19 years. Accordingly, in the real estate index and regional report of 2022, In Antalya, the average price of a 100 square meter house was between 520,584 TL and 867,600 TL. Antalya, which is much more advantageous and cost-effective than other cities in Turkey, appeals to both local and foreign people with its dozens of beauties and low costs. Well, why do foreign guests like Antalya more than other cities in Turkey?

You need to know before Buying Real Estate in Antalya

Cost of daily living

According to Numbeo, which compares what is spent in daily life by country, Antalya costs 12% less than the center of Istanbul and 43% less than London, the capital of England. In general, Turkey's cheapness compared to other countries is one of the reasons why foreign guests choose Turkey. Foreigners who prefer to live here generally prefer to pay directly in cash when buying a house, thus avoiding options such as rent and installments.

Perfect climate

Turkey is a country where different climates come together. Antalya is located in a region where the climate is warm. Summers are hot in the Mediterranean environment, which includes Antalya and the winters are warm and rainy. The rainy season is usually between January and March. This means 9 months where you can spend time outdoors with pleasure.

Plenty of places to visit

The coastal cities, scattered from the city center to the provincial borders, offer foreign guests a variety of places to visit or live. The characteristic features of each place make these places more attractive. Kalkan, a small, bumpy city, attracts guests with its luxurious and modern villas. In Belek, on the other hand, guests who are sports lovers usually host, because Belek is considered the golf capital of Turkey. When you go further east from the coastline, Alanya welcomes its visitors with its beaches stretching for kilometers. While guests who want a more active daily life choose to settle in the city center, Side announces its reputation with its historical importance and hosting a fisherman's life.

Active international and domestic flights throughout the year

Despite being one of the most crowded and busiest airports in the country, Antalya Airport has won many awards and fame with its planned and successful employees. With domestic and international flights repeated every week, guests can visit the rest of the country and even all over the world. The airport, which attracts visitors from hundreds of nationalities, especially in the summer months, provides service every hour. Even in the winter months, while flights to other holiday destinations such as Bodrum and Dalaman are interrupted, air traffic continues at full speed at Antalya station.

Endless shopping option

In Antalya, you will never be short of options when it comes to shopping for weekly groceries, house décor, or clothing for your own change. It is possible to see local markets and shops even in the city, in Antalya, where large supermarkets are spread even to the surrounding towns and villages.

Easy access

One of the biggest advantages of the city is that you can reach anywhere you want, whenever you want, thanks to the D400 highway, which connects the coastal areas with the inner city. The bus network in the city is not only inexpensive, but also assists visitors in day trips to the outlying cities

Being one of the most important coastal cities of the Turkish coasts

In addition to being one of the most prestigious cities of the Turkish coast, Antalya is also located in a very important location. Yachts and boats departing from the marina in the city every day take their visitors on tours along the entire coastline.

Finally, foreign guests living in Antalya can find all kinds of real estate, from cheap, budget-friendly studio apartments to luxury villas that can set an example for the whole country with their quality. Guests can have a dream apartment or villa by the sea with average prices starting from 40,000 Euros.

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