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Istanbul is Turkey's most populous and economically most important city. The city with the 34th largest economy in the world is the city with the According to the rankings, it has the largest population in Europe, made by considering the municipal borders. Istanbul has a total of 39 districts. On the European side, 25 of these districts are located and 14 are on the Anatolian side. Istanbul, which we will consider as the most vibrant and developing city in Turkey, has also entered the need for real estate and real estate with the increase in population and immigration. Housing prices for sale in Istanbul have increased by 20.43% in the last month in the housing market for sale. While the average residential square meter prices in the city of Istanbul are 9,954 TL, the payback period is calculated as 20 years. Accordingly, in the real estate index and regional report of 2022, the average price of a 100 square meter house purchased in Istanbul was between 746,558 TL and 1,244,300 TL.

Having hosted many civilizations for centuries, Istanbul is the most populous city in Turkey. One of Istanbul's most notable characteristics is that it has attracted a large number of immigrants in every period of history. In addition to being the largest city Istanbul, is a metropolis in Turkey in terms of population. where qualified manpower and important investments are gathered.

Buying Real Estate in Istanbul

Real estate in Istanbul is suitable for meeting multiple goals. There are those who prefer it for housing and regular life, as it is an ideal and exemplary environment that many people seek. There are also those who prefer to rise to the real estate investment platform and earn abundant profits, because this has been proven by many previous experiences with conclusive evidence.

There are numerous tourist attractions in this city, some of which belong to the historical area and some to the natural area. Purchasing real estate in Istanbul gives owners the opportunity to visit and get to know them on the spot. These places are more of a cultural component than entertainment.

Istanbul is famous for its diversity at the real estate level. It is preferred for many reasons such as private security, camera security system, alarms in residential complexes that are considered popular by everyone due to the many advantages it has. But these apartments in residential complexes are characterized by very high prices, which do not fit into the budget of many.

All international construction and construction standards are complied with when constructing real estate in Istanbul. In addition, many of them are built to withstand earthquakes and other natural disasters in the event of their occurrence.

The service packages that adorn Istanbul are extensive, providing a life filled with luxury, comfort and all the positive things.

5 Reasons To Live In Istanbul

Never-ending energy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week:

While many cities of the world go silent after midnight, there are many places to visit in Istanbul until the morning. Even if you don't like nightlife, the energy of living in a city that never sleeps is very different and it is good for energetic bodies like us.

Architectural magnificence:

Istanbul is a city that still manages to preserve its beauty against ugly construction. And of course, it owes this to its history and the Bosphorus.


Although it is decreasing day by day, Istanbul is still a city where different cultures live together. Today, the first condition of being global is to be open to different cultures. Growing up and living in Istanbul inevitably brings with it being open to different cultures. This makes it easier to adapt to change.

Street delicacies:

There are many street delicacies and artisan restaurants in Istanbul, such as quinoa and avocado, where we can avoid the same menus that we come across in every cafe in recent years.

Unlimited Job Opportunities:

Perhaps the most attractive reason lately, the abundance of job and career opportunities attracts every local and foreign person to live in Istanbul and buy real estate.

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