What is the Tapu – Title Deed?

It is an official and written document showing the sections of the various structures constructed on any land and land by the title deed x directorate. In this official and written document, which is valid in the legal field, the information of every detail related to the real estate is included clearly and unambiguously. Two separate colored title deeds are given according to the property you have purchased. The title deeds are given two different colors in blue and pink. Although they have the same content and design, these two documents are quite different in terms of their qualities.

The title deed with blue color indicates that the person owns the land property. It also states that there is no building on the land and if there is construction on the land, it does not have any condominium yet.

The title deed, which has a pink color, is the official document that states that the building, whose construction has been completed, has gained independence and shares by obtaining approval from the necessary projects. The persons who own the condominium and all of the real estates are given a pink title deed.

Title deeds are divided into three according to the type of immovable properties. These are condominium title deed, construction servitude title deed and share deeds. In addition to the blue and pink title deeds, people who want to buy real estate should also be informed about the different types of title deeds and it should be checked that the title deeds they receive are appropriate and  correct for their ownership. Floor easement is established for the buildings that have not yet started to be constructed or are under construction. The land or land that is under construction is recorded by the directorate of land registry. The official document stating that the person has a right on that land or land is given the title deed with construction servitude. In the title deed with construction servitude, the number of apartments to be included in the building, door numbers and the areas owned are specified. In this way, the place of purchase is determined and it is made official by deducting from the records. In this way, the person has legal rights. People who want to buy a house from the same building can apply for a housing loan thanks to the title deed with construction servitude. Banks generally give loans to the title deed with construction servitude.

How Does Title Deed Conveyance Process Work in Turkey?

Property ownership is the type of title deed prepared to indicate that a place such as a building, store, warehouse, cellar, which has been completed on the purchased property, is a right holder in common areas. Features related to the building are included on the condominium title deed. Information about the square meter, surface area, number, nature and common areas of the building in independent sections is available in written form in the title deed. It is the most suitable type of title deed for people who want to buy property or apply for a housing loan.

Shared title deed in the title deed types is the type of title deed indicating that more than one person has a share on the property owned. In this title deed, the number and names of the shareholders are recorded. The location of the shareholders is not specified in the share deed. In short, there is no information about which area belongs to which shareholder in the title deed. The shareholders have an equal share in the property with the share title. If the shareholders want to share, they can divide among themselves. Properties with a share deed are less valuable than other properties with a title deed. If it is desired to sell in the real estate belonging to the share deed, there may be difficulties. Since there is more than one person’s property, it is necessary to make transactions by taking a joint decision. People who want to own property by applying for the housing loan with a share title do not encounter a positive answer. Banks do not give credit to the title deed of the share property.

For title deed and real estate transactions, support should be obtained from people who have gained expertise in their field and all transactions should be carried out within a legal framework. All transactions should be carried out in the presence of a notary public and under xx company and should be formalized. Otherwise, the chance to claim any property with official places will be eliminated.

Other information that should be known with the title deed is the title deed parcel inquiry, title deed fee and title deed cadastre issues. With the title deed parcel inquiry, it can be investigated whether there is a title deed registered on any person. In addition, if there is a title deed on the person, the type of the title deed is also learned. It is possible to learn from the directorates of land registry inquiry xxx and the applications produced for land registry inquiry.

The title deed fee is the fee paid to the Land Registry Offices in return for a receipt and obligatory to be deposited when purchasing the title deed after a property is purchased. The procedures carried out in order to prevent any problem that may occur in the title deed procedures are carried out by the title deed cadastre unit. Land registry cadastre is the institution that ensures that all properties such as land, land and structure within the borders of the country are formalized by carrying out the necessary transactions with areas such as determining the exact location and boundaries and determining the price information according to their location.

If you want to buy any immovable property or own property by applying for a housing loan, you should start by learning the title deed type of the real estate you will buy. According to the title deed we learned, you can apply to the bank for a housing loan and create plans for the future.




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